IMRE SZERDAHELYI - Marketing & Communication Consultancy

Successful through marketing, corporate communication and brand management

With his marketing and communications consultancy, Imre Szerdahelyi empowers national and international industrial and service start-ups. Manage your projects and challenges better, more efficiently and successfully with strategies, concepts and measures from marketing, corporate communication, brand management and investor relations. In good and bad phases or in times of change. Even on a small budget.

Imre helps you to build a robust and distinctive foundation,
to highlight your uniqueness in a highly competitive market, hone your strengths and make the added value of your range of services visible. To strengthen your customer approach, provide orientation, and make complex things easy. You will thus boost the recognition of your name, become interesting for your customers and stand out from the crowd. You will become worth seeing for your customers.

Get fit for the future!

Manage projects and challenges better, more efficiently and successfully with your marketing, corporate communication and brand management. Inform, convince and impress employees, customers and relevant stakeholders.

Highlight the unique character of your brand and increase the profile of your start-up. Position your brand successfully. Nationally. Globally. Sustainably.

Point out your strengths and differentiate yourself from the competition. Boost operational business activities.

Impress and convince when targeting employees, customers, investors and business partners. Communicate powerful messages, provide direction and maintain the confidence and trust of your target groups.

Imre would be happy to provide his skill sets and experience from over 3,000 projects (B2B, B2C, B2B2C) for strong brands, as well as global market and technology leaders, in a manner profitable for all involved. Benefit from his value contributions for national and international companies relating to industry (incl. mechanical engineering, automotive, aviation, robotics, logistics, recycling) and services (incl. health, software (IT), sport and universities).

Offers for Startups

Inspire with your equity story

Gain and justify the trust of (potential) investors. Manage expectations actively, transparently and personally before and during the investment. Be convincing and confident in your presentation and with your pitch deck. Communicate powerful messages.

Benefit from Imre’s capital market experience, including IPO, financial transactions and 10 years of investor relations (2 S-DAX companies).

Make your brand unique

Highlight the unique character of your brand. Position your brand successfully and differentiate yourself from the competition with your strengths. Build a strong foundation with your values and a distinctive value proposition.

Benefit from Imre’s experience for national and international brands and the positioning and relaunch of global (premium) brands.

Guide your customers successfully

Gain the appreciation of your customers with your marketing strategy. Achieve operational goals with the right marketing mix, market your range of services with clear communication of the benefits, and successfully design customer-centricity.

Benefit from Imre’s experience heading the global department and over 1,500 projects to strengthen business activities and customer-centricity.

Give stakeholders orientation

Enhance your reputation and improve your corporate culture with the right communication strategy and communication measures. Inform employees, media and business partners in an eye-catching way. Gain confidence in crises and change processes.

Benefit from Imre’s experience heading the global department and over 1,000 projects to enhance corporate identity internally and externally.

Optimise project and budget management

Integrate all necessary steps in order to successfully manage project volumes and processes. Optimise your marketing and communication budget. Concentrate on value-added activities, design a high-performance service provider structure and increase efficiency in cooperation with partners.

Benefit from Imre’s global responsibility for groups, business units and subsidiaries in complex matrix organisations.

Convince with a strong mentality

Get into shape as a leader, put your employees in the driving seat and strengthen cross-departmental collaboration. Design your department structures in a future-oriented way, especially on the path from start-up to SME or in the course of internationalisation.

Benefit from Imre’s successful coaching of over 40 executives and global teams.


Do you want to find out more about Imre’s offer for start-ups or do you have a specific need? He would be happy to help you and is looking forward to hearing from you.