Current Incubatees at the ESA BIC Bavaria:

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Company Founder Profile

Astrofactum GmbH Heiko Wilkens Public Space Telescope more

blik GmbH Bastian Burger
Philip Eller
real-time information on all the goods in warehouses more

Cadami Andreas Dotzler
Michael Heindlmaier
Cadami provides a solution to massively scale video transmission and to overcome the peak congestion problem more

eShouts GmbH Mario Kowalczyk
Klaus Scheible
mobile geo-based solutions based on end-consumer movements to the branded consumer goods industry more

evalu GmbH Benedikt Seitz
Romano Wolf
World's first mobile running coach working with Artificial Intelligence (AI) more

HIGGS livestreaming technologies UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Jakob Bodenmüller Multi-camera live streaming made simple more

klarx GmbH Florian Handschuh
Matthias Handschuh
Vincent Koch
Evolving the way builders rent construction equipment more

Quantum-Systems GmbH Florian Seibel Quantum - The Future of Drone Technology more

SPiN Giulia Federico
Ran Qedar
Saish Sridharan
Introducing plug and play technology into the space industry more

Stecnius UG Vladimir Kondic Solos measures every single movement during training and gives the user instant real-time feedback more

terraplasma medical GmbH Julia Zimmermann
Jens Kirsch
plasma care - the innovation for the treatment of wounds more

Toposens GmbH Tobias Bahnemann Small, robust 3D ultrasound sensor for gesture control and people/object detection more

Unisphere GmbH Michael Anger
Christoph Schlettig
High-altitude, multi-application, solar-powered drones that take advantage of the stratosphere more

Vectoflow GmbH Katharina Kreitz
Florian Wehner
Vectoflow - Measurements in Fluids more
Company Founder Profile

Cevotec GmbH Felix Michl Industrialising the production of complex carbon composites more
Company Founder Profile

EULA IT GmbH Joao Teixeira Soares
Thomas Hetzer
Bringing Personalised Customer Relationships and Customized Products to the Masses more