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Vectoflow customers want to increase the efficiency of their products by understanding fluid (e.g. air, liquids) flow parameters like velocity, pressure, and angle of attack. Among others, the company seeks to serve the energy (wind power, power generation), aerospace (unmanned aerial vehicles, turbo machinery), transportation, and performance sport markets. Its customized multi-hole probes and systems determine the needed quantities of the parameters at hand.

The probes are easily adaptable to customers’ requirements in terms of their geometry, size, and material due to Vectoflow’s innovative fabrication method (3D printing). This approach also significantly increases the robustness of the probes, making them usable in adverse environments.

Vectoflow’s vision is to help the measurement technology provided by multi-hole probes advance from the R&D segment into serial-production applications.


The increasing pressure on industry to minimize CO2 emissions is driving the development of more efficient products. In the automotive industry, for instance, aerodynamic efficiency is the most important factor in reducing fuel consumption. Further, the efficiency of gas and wind turbines and other turbo machinery relies mainly on aerodynamics.
Meanwhile, the pressing need to continue improving such products is placing significant demands on the availability and quality of experimental techniques. Multi-hole probes and systems from Vectoflow are capable of measuring the total and static pressure of a flow, as well as its velocity magnitude and direction.
Using probes from Vectoflow, customers enjoy the following advantages:
  • Flexible probe design in line with specific requirements in terms of shape, size, and material; this results in greater knowledge of the test object in question thanks to the ability to obtain measurements in locations that were previously inaccessible
  • Increased robustness reduces maintenance (approx. 45% lower total cost of ownership) and facilitates operational control applications in serial products
  • Lower costs thanks to an increased range of angle measurement
  • Easier cleaning (can be performed by the customer)
  • Using plug-and-play software instead of post-processing measurement results manually reduces the costs, time, and effort required
  • Customized probes, probe rakes, and probes integrated into other components are easy to implement at a reasonable cost
  • The probes’ mechanical interface matches the market standard, which enables customers to switch from competing manufacturers to Vectoflow without incurring additional expenses
Vectoflow offers a variety of measurement probes, software, calibration services, maintenance services, consulting services, and flow data.

From space to industry

The space industry is a pioneering field in the areas of weight reduction and efficiency (such as in increasing payloads). Every component used in a launcher, for example, is designed to be as light as possible, which has been a driving force behind the development of 3D printing. Additionally, every functional part must operate with the utmost efficiency. This is the reason why extensive research and testing is required before a launcher takes off to space. In every instance where a fluid comes into contact with the launcher, the parts involved must be designed for optimal fluid dynamics in order to achieve peak efficiency. Different pressure probes are used in all of the areas concerned. Vectoflow combines pressure probes and 3D printing technology to create innovative measurement systems.


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