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plasma care - the innovation for the treatment of wounds

About terraplasma medical
terraplasma medical's vision is to develop, sell, and distribute devices for the professional treatment of chronic and acute wounds and skin diseases. The cold atmospheric device plasma care is the perfect solution to reach this goal.

The Challenge
The plasma care is an innovation in the field of chronic and acute wound treatment. The highly complex market for wound treatment is estimated at EUR 2 billion and growing at a rate of approximately 4% in the EU. The target group for the plasma care includes clinics, wound treatment centres, general practitioners, medical specialists, and home care services and nursing homes. terraplasma medical plans to make a name for itself with the plasma care device by offering unparalleled patient safety and a high level of customer convenience.

The Solution
The plasma care device improves on chronic and acute wound treatment by effectively using cold atmospheric plasma to inactivate the bacteria located in wounds. It thus offers the following benefits to the customer:
  • Daily plasma treatment only takes approximately 60 seconds.
  • The plasma treatment itself is painless and is well tolerated by patients.
  • There are no side effects and no allergic reactions connected with the use of the plasma care.
  • The positive effect of the plasma care is clinically proven.

Incubation period
01-09-2016 to 31-08-2018

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