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Automatic Generation & Recognition of Geospecific 3D Information


TerraLoupe is about unlocking detailed insights and boundless analytics in precise geo-imagery to offer solutions for real, industry-specific needs. We provide you with high-resolution airborne image acquisition and object recognition for geo-specific 3D information. Our capabilities cover 3D virtual-reality solutions based on remote-sensing imagery of large areas with centimetre-level accuracy.

Our intelligent algorithms classify image content using techniques adapted to your needs. Basically, we acquire geo-images, write code, and train object-recognition algorithms to find the small pieces of relevance in big data. By combining high-resolution geo-data with image analytics, we can supply you and your company with internal views and valuable reports.


TerraLoupe provides technology that converts high-resolution aerial imagery of large surface areas into precise, virtual 3D models. We have automated the capability to immediately analyse these 3D worlds and identify their content in order to supply our customers with elaborate insights and valuable reports.

We provide virtual reality solutions based on geo-specific data no matter what your needs, including in:
  • Documenting and analysing the current state of a target area
  • Enabling change detection to automatically compare current states with past geo-data images
  • Classifying specific landmarks in a large area
We offer our solutions for a wide range of applications. Our offerings focus on both insurance-related purposes, such as in calculating adequate risk premium or monitoring high-value targets through change detection (e.g. after natural disasters); and on automotive purposes, including in providing navigation with centimetre-level accuracy as a basis for highly automated driving.

We offer:
Analytics and reports
  • Object recognition
  • Change detection
  • Classification of geo-information
  • Extraction of relevant structures
  • High-resolution image data
  • 2D map and digital elevation model (true ortho mosaics)
  • Interactive 3D visualisation
  • Simulation environment
From space to industry

We acquire geo-images, develop code, and provide object recognition to locate every piece of relevant information in our customers’ big data. Our software experts in geo-information and intelligent algorithms have several years of experience in this field.

As an incubatee at ESA BIC Bavaria, having access to partners such as the German Aerospace Center will ensure our ability to develop solutions that are always on the cutting edge of technology.


Scheduled for incubation from 06/2015 until 05/2017
ESA BIC Bavaria – Oberpfaffenhofen

TerraLoupe GmbH
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Manuela Rasthofer (Sales)
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