SPiN is introducing plug and play technology into the space industry to assemble satellites just like Lego, at a fraction of the cost and time.

About SPiN
SPiN focuses on spinning-in technology from other fields into the space industry to reduce costs, complexity, and the time needed for innovation.

The Challenge
The satellite industry has a long tradition of using customized technologies and processes it has developed itself. This approach results in long and expensive projects and offers fewer options to satellite buyers. The demand for satellites is expected to quadruple in the years ahead compared to the last decade because of the rising need for services and connectivity. The industry must introduce faster innovation cycles in order to answer the needs of this growing market.

The Solution
To lower the costs involved, SPiN introduces innovative plug-and-play technology into satellite manufacturing through a Multipurpose Adapter Generic Interface connector (MA61C).
The adapter is a combination of hardware and software that makes it possible to plug any kind of subsystem into any kind of onboard computer. It powers, initializes, and manages the units connected to it, enabling automatic integration without any hardware or software modification to the connected units. The universal adapter enables the COTS and serial satellite manufacturing industry.

Incubation period
01-08-2016 to 31-01-2018

Hermann Koehl Strasse 7
28199 Bremen