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Quantum-Systems develops and manufactures unmanned aerial systems for professional civil use. The transition aircraft Quantum VRT provides outstanding flight characteristics and a high payload capacity by combining the capabilities of a fixed-wing aircraft with a multicopter. After vertical take-off the pivoting rotors enable a seamless transition to aerodynamic – and thus energy-efficient – horizontal flight. Quantum VRT also lands vertically after once again pivoting its rotors.
The Quantum includes an automatic flight control system that stabilizes and controls its different flight modes, including vertical take-off, landing, hovering, and transitioning to and from horizontal flight mode.
In summary, Quantum-Systems has achieved a highly efficient, aerodynamic design for optimal horizontal flight without having to make compromises to facilitate conventional take-off and landing.


CONCEPT OF USE The Quantum VRT enables the following operational scenarios:
  • Security tasks carried out by authorities and other organizations (such as border security (BOS) and search & rescue (SAR))
  • Civil protection and emergency response
  • Damage assessment after natural disasters (e.g. storms, floods, avalanches, mudslides, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic activity),
  • Damage assessment after technical-biological disasters (e.g. nuclear reactor accidents, chemical or oil spills),
  • Supporting operational coordination with live imagery
  • Monitoring major events, demonstrations, and traffic
  • Acting as a communication relay
Using the Quantum drone for agricultural applications is another of many possible scenarios. Considering the world’s steadily growing population vis-à-vis limited resources and food, it is clear that new ways must be found to increase harvests while protecting the environment. Providing healthy food and clean water to a population that will grow from seven to nine billion over the next three decades will take great effort. With the development of the Quantum Transition Drone, we are providing a game-changing new technology in the field of precision farming. Combining the easy-to-use character of a copter system with the high range and endurance of a transition drone will change farming as we know it today. With our intuitive flight-planning software, farmers are able to automatically generate flight routes. The Quantum is equipped with an infrared multispectral sensor system that enables the detailed monitoring and evaluation of crop condition. This makes it possible to devise precise fertilization strategies.
With this integrated information, farmers can apply the exact amount of water and nutrition their crops need. Doing so will also effectively protect natural resources (water and soil) while maximizing crop earnings.
In other scientific fields, these UAVs can also be used to explore oil deposits and other geological formations, study volcanoes and predict their eruptions, and map archaeological sites. The impact of climate change on hydrologic and water resource systems can be monitored, as well.

From space to industry

All of the technology employed in these products is based on research and in-house developments by Quantum-Systems’ founders. The main space technologies involved are GPS navigation and Earth observation. The company collaborates primarily with the Department of Flight Systems and Dynamics at the Technische Universität München and the German Aerospace Center (DLR), as well as with many firms and organizations in the agricultural sector.


Scheduled for incubation from 09/2015 until 08/2017
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