Quantum Systems and TerraLoupe at INTERGEO 2016

The two ESA BIC Bavaria incubatees Quantum Systems and TerraLoupe presented their outstanding solutions to the interested attendees from 11 - 13 October at the INTERGEO 2016 in Hamburg. With more than 530 exhibitors and 17.000 visitors from over 100 countries, the leading international trade fair for geodesy, geo-information and land management provided the ideal setting for the two startups, to showcase their innovative technologies to global business and industry contacts.

Quantum Systems - the future of drone technology
ESA BIC Bavaria startup Quantum-Systems develops and produces a professional and high-performing UAV providing outstanding efficiency. With a maximum take-off weight of 14 kg the UAV flight time varies between 70 and 120 minutes. At INTERGEO, they exhibited three exemplars of their Quantum TRON showcasing the wide range of different use cases: The search & rescue version was equipped with a gimbal system stabilizing the camera. In the second TRON, a CMOS (active pixel) Sensor was integrated for 3D reconstruction and inspections; and the third drone was disassembled into their individual parts and placed in an open transport box.

TerraLoupe - automatic generation & recognition of geospecific 3D information
The Bavarian startup TerraLoupe offers virtual-reality imagery solutions based on geo-specific 3D information bundled with object recognition analytics and reports based on machine-learning algorithms. Their abilities cover 3D virtual reality solutions based on very precise remote sensing imagery of large areas in cm-accuracy. At their booth at INTERGEO, the ESA BIC Bavaria incubatee visitors demonstrated their competences and visitors had the opportunity to watch a video to get deep insight into the solution.

Quantum Systems GmbH
Quantum-Systems develops and manufactures unmanned aerial systems for professional civil use. The transition aircraft Quantum VRT provides outstanding flight characteristics and a high payload capacity by combining the capabilities of a fixed-wing aircraft with a multicopter. After vertical take-off the pivoting rotors enable a seamless transition to aerodynamic - and thus energy-efficient - horizontal flight. Quantum VRT also lands vertically after once again pivoting its rotors.

The Quantum includes an automatic flight control system that stabilizes and controls its different flight modes, including vertical take-off, landing, hovering, and transitioning to and from horizontal flight mode.

In summary, Quantum-Systems has achieved a highly efficient, aerodynamic design for optimal horizontal flight without having to make compromises to facilitate conventional take-off and landing.

Quantum Systems is incubated at ESA BIC Bavaria for 2 years.

TerraLoupe GmbH
TerraLoupe specialises in geo-informatics and machine learning. In combining current research with real business applications, they are unlocking detailed insight through unbounded analytics "via deep learning" of precise geo imagery. This offers unique and customised solutions for industry specific needs. The startup provides its customers with high-resolution airborne image acquisition and object recognition for geo-specific 3D information.

TerraLoupe's intelligent algorithms classify image content, using techniques adapted to the customer's needs. Basically, it acquires geo-images, writes code, and trains object-recognition algorithms to find the small pieces of relevance in big data. By combining high-resolution geo-data with image analytics, the company can supply its customers with internal views and valuable reports.

TerraLoupe is part of the ESA BIC Bavaria incubation programme from June 2015 to May 2017.

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ESA Business Incubation Centre Bavaria
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