Bringing Personalised Customer Relationships and Customized Products to the Masses

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As a competent supplier of system solutions and services, EULA IT is the first choice for companies that are looking for a partner in planning the introduction and optimisation of MC strategies. The potential benefits of EULA IT solutions include:
  • Reliable feedback on activities in production with little or no interruption, which facilitates monitoring and improvement of production processes based on analysis of the data collected
  • Dramatic reductions in the cost and frequency of staff training
  • The possibility to reduce (or even eliminate) risks and the likelihood of defects caused by unintended actions
  • The elimination of papers and forms on the assembly line, which reduces costs and makes the process more efficient and sustainable
  • Innovation through implementation of transparent production.


© Eula IT Mass customisation (MC) is the new frontier in both the manufacturing and service industries. This concept is centred on a tremendous increase in variety and customisation without a corresponding increase in costs. At its limit, it enables the mass production of individually customised goods and services. At its best, it provides strategic advantages and economic value.

The MC strategy offers many outstanding benefits for everyone involved, but requires highly flexible just-in-time production. Therefore, the intelligent factory of the future will be fully digitalised and networked. Software will be everywhere to support the manufacturing process.

© Eula IT Since personalised products are unique, only the effective tracking of materials and products throughout manufacturing can allow for effective, automated support. This also enables customers to virtually track the production of their products and the source of every single component.

EULA IT develops a wide range of software and hardware solutions for MC production. The middleware at the core of these solutions allows for smooth system integration into highly heterogeneous software environments.

In the future, a comprehensive software platform will bring down existing barriers between the industry and the end consumer while generating synergies and enabling co-creation.
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From space to industry

EULA IT employs diverse space technologies such as hybrid positioning systems, time-of-flight cameras, and wireless communication in the development of its solutions.
The company cooperates primarily with the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS) and Volkswagen AG.

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