eShouts GmbH

eShouts provides mobile geo-based solutions based on end-consumer movements to the branded consumer goods industry.

About eShouts
Based on our vision of mobile devices becoming the most important marketing medium for our brand partners, we're building an app that rewards shoppers for the shopping they already do.

The Challenge
The challenge is to build an app that can be integrated seamlessly into all of our brand partners' marketing channels. Everyone should be able to start a mobile campaign in seconds with the desired look and feel. This customized app will also serve to create a communication channel between consumers and brands, which was not previously possible.

The Solution
The addition of a camera-based barcode scanner ensures that eShouts can verify when a consumer has actually engaged with a product in a store or at home. This information is incredibly valuable to brands, as it enables them to recognize that someone has held their product in his or her hands. Using the mobile channel and eShouts technology, the consumer goods industry can thus connect the consumer to a brand's messaging directly and close the loop through engagement at a physical retail location. The dialogue with consumers begins at home on their smartphones and guides them through the shopping experience all the way to the actual product in question.

Incubation period
31/12/2016 to 30/06/2018

eShouts GmbH
Friedrichshafener Straße 1
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