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Industrialising the production of complex carbon composites


Cevotec industrialises the production of complex carbon composites. We are bringing the Fiber Patch Placement (FPP) technology to market an automated, patch-based production technology for carbon fibre preforms that follows a completely new approach to manufacturing. As the one-stop shop for this technology, Cevotec provides customised production systems that include an easy-to-use software suite for patch laminates. Cevotec also offers product development and production as a service for OEMs. Our customers benefit from better and lighter products of the highest quality all through scalable serial production techniques devised right in Germany.


Today, complex carbon composites are still manufactured by hand. This translates into high costs, high complexity, and long cycle times in producing complex geometric parts, which precludes mass-market applications.
Cevotec is introducing patch-based manufacturing to the market a completely new approach to producing complex carbon composites. A carbon fibre spread tow is cut into patches for a robot to pick up and automatically place onto a forming tool. Patch by patch, a carbon fibre preform is produced using this additive technique.
Our FPP technology offers significant advantages for carbon composites. It increases the mechanical performance of products by up to 150% through fibre orientation optimised for complex load paths, reduces material scrap by up to 50%, and decreases cycle times through net shape 3D preforming. Industrial automation based on multiple camera controls guarantees the utmost in component quality and documentation. Fiber Patch Placement is a fully automated preforming process that is suitable for scalable serial production.
Cevotec develops and markets FPP production systems and corresponding, easy-to-use software designed for generating optimised patch laminates. In addition, we offer the benefits of FPP as a service by developing, optimising, and manufacturing customer-specific carbon composites in small series for OEMs that don't want to produce in-house.
Cevotec stands above the rest thanks to our proprietary knowledge of patch laminates, which is what makes our software suite so intelligent. In addition, we are constantly advancing the state of the art in patch-based manufacturing.
Our initial focus industries include medical devices, sport and leisure, and industrial goods. Our technology enables OEMs to move their offshore carbon composite production back to Western customer markets, which is particularly relevant to those who deal in medical devices or sport and leisure. Meanwhile, OEMs of industrial goods often have very specific load conditions concerning their machinery components. Our technology can help them build better and lighter components that make it possible either to increase the load on parts or save energy and generally downsize their equipment, thus reducing costs.

From space to industry

CFRP material is already established in the space industry due to its excellent mechanical properties. Thin-ply technology with fibre structures aligned to load paths is the key to achieving further improvements in the properties of CFRP components. This is why Airbus Group Innovations invented Fiber Patch Placement, which offers these characteristics in a flexible and automated production system. This technology is designed for use in producing satellite structures or aircraft window funnels. Cevotec has continued to develop the corresponding production hardware and enhanced it with new software simulation modules. With Cevotec, OEMs can produce large quantities of cutting-edge CFRP parts using space technology.


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