Building Radar GmbH

Satellite-Supported Search Engine for Construction Projects.


We supply verified leads on construction sales so your sales team can focus on selling rather than researching and verifying leads themselves. Use our data analytics platform to stay up to date on all the construction projects in your neighbourhood and around the world. Track your competitors' next moves, or evaluate new strategic partnerships.

We detect new construction projects months earlier than our competitors, which enables you to make your sales first. We also verify lead specs, such as construction phase and building size, so you never call at the wrong time again. Finally, we connect all the dots in our data to provide real-time intelligence on commercial real estate so you can strategically organise your team. Itís all possible thanks to our unique, satellite-supported search algorithm.

The market for construction sales leads alone is worth an estimated USD 80 billion, and our customers already include world market leaders such as Viessmann and Vitra. Our founders are alumni of LSE, the University of Cambridge, TUM, and CDTM (the Center for Digital Technology and Management Ė Munich) and have professional backgrounds at Google and Cliqz.


Unlike our competitors, we donít rely on human labour for data research. Instead, we created a satellite-supported search algorithm. This technology-based approach has four main advantages:
  1. Our data is always up to date because the research is done in real time, 24 hours a day. We don't have to wait for a research analyst to stumble across the information.
  2. Our data is reliable because we verify online information using live satellite images. If a construction project does not develop as planned, we identify it immediately. This is important because every product or service is sold at different stages of a construction project's life (e.g. planning services at a projectís inception, office furniture near or following completion).
  3. We supply intelligent big-data analytics on a building's neighbourhood (e.g. demography, presence of solar panels), who works with whom, which companies are a strategic match for yours, and where (regions or verticals) companies are active.
  4. We operate on a significantly more cost-effective basis than our competitors thanks to our technology-based data research.
From space to industry

We apply our own computer-vision and machine-learning technology to the satellite images and aerogrid data provided by various institutes. Our technology advances prior research in image processing, automation, and classification and combines it with other satellite data sources. We achieve this through close cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA), the German Aerospace Center (DLR), and the satellite technology hub CloudEO.


Scheduled for incubation from 06/2015 until 05/2017
ESA BIC Bavaria Ė Oberpfaffenhofen

Building Radar GmbH
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