Happy Birthday to Building Radar

Our incubatee Building Radar was founded a year ago on 25 May 2015. Happy Birthday to the team! The innovative company provides a global satellite-supported search engine for construction projects. Building Radar had a very successful year. Next to becoming part of the ESA BIC Bavaria incubator and joining the Founder.org program, they won the Copernicus Master Competition, the Founder Competition of the German Family Offices and the Disruptive Technology Challenge 2015. Winning the ESA Space App Camp 2016 in Barcelona represented another highlight of their fabulous year. But that is not all, as Building Radar's expansion of operations to Silicon Valley in March 2016 marks a substantial milestone for the thriving startup.

Building Radar GmbH
Building Radar supplies verified leads on construction sales, so the sales teams can focus on selling rather than researching and verifying leads themselves. Their data analytics platform is very useful to stay up-to-date on all the construction projects in regions and neighborhoods all around the world. It is possible to track the competitors' next moves, or evaluate new strategic partnerships.

Building Radar detects new construction projects months earlier than the competitors, which enables customers to make their sales first. They also verify lead specs, such as construction phase and building size, so customers can be flexible in decision-making processes. Building Radar ultimately connects all the dots within their data platform, in order to provide real-time intelligence on commercial real estate, so customers can strategically organise their team in accordance with this intelligence.

Do you want to know more about Building Radar and how they became so successful? Then check out their website.

ESA Business Incubation Centre Bavaria
Building Radar is incubated at the ESA BIC Bavaria from June 2015 to May 2017. The ESA BIC Bavaria seeks entrepreneurs using space technologies in a non-space environment. That does not mean rocket science, but applies to multiple application fields such as navigation and positioning, communications techniques, Earth observation, materials, processes, signals or robotics.

ESA's Business Incubation Centre Bavaria was launched in 2009 and is since managed by Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen (AZO). ESA BIC Bavaria and its renowned partners - DLR, Airbus Defense and Space, Fraunhofer IIS and Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Berchtesgadener Land - provide startups with financial and technical support at four branch offices: Oberpfaffenhofen, Ottobrunn, Nürnberg and Berchtesgadener Land.

ESA BIC Bavaria has four selection rounds each year. The next application deadline for the incubation programme is 29 August 2016. Apply now for ESA BIC Bavaria

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