ESA BIC Bavaria Business Breakfast Meets Quality Management

Quality management and certification is becoming an increasingly important topic for young entrepreneurs, especially to convince customers. Management consultant, trainer and business coach Martin Schubert addressed this issue on 28 September and offered our startups a perfect overview, underpinned with hands-on expert insights.

Martin Schubert dedicated a workshop, including a Q&A session, dealing with the most relevant aspects during the development of a Quality Management (QM) system and certification according to ISO 9001:2015. The QM specialist treated issues around the topic of this specific certification process, such as the documentation of the quality of the company's performances and respective external processes as well as required legal and tax-related steps for a successful startup business. Thereby, problems and barriers should be avoided with the first essential and valuable steps as an entrepreneur and obligations the company is subjected to.

A QM system effects the growth of the company's trustworthiness and in addition the development of an integrated management system is also a flywheel to optimise one's own processes and thus to save time and costs.

Our thanks go out to Cevotec, Lilium, runfun and Vemcon for participating actively at the ESA BIC Bavaria Business Breakfast and contributing their practical experiences in terms of quality management to the event.

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