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Never Miss a Parcel Again!


Our vision is to ensure parcel delivery on the first try with the help of accommodating neighbours. With our mobile app, we will massively increase the number of possible recipients. No driving to the post office, no waiting in a queue – just pick up your parcel at your neighbour’s door and enjoy your products. We plan on eventually offering the option of having parcels delivered to the boots of parked cars, as well.
Boxmesh ensures that customers never miss another parcel delivery to their private address. The system combines online shoppers who want their deliveries as fast as possible but are away at work and their at-home neighbours (those on parental leave, senior citizens, people who work from home, etc). Boxmesh identifies an available neighbour through satellite-based local allocation. This person can be selected prior to shipment (i.e. while checking out in an online store) or later on, even in real time during a parcel’s actual delivery. Boxmesh thus benefits everyone involved, from online shoppers (who get their deliveries right away) and their neighbours (who are rewarded for receiving parcels) to parcel services (deliveries on first try) and online merchants (which rely on timely delivery). In addition to people living nearby, shops can act as neighbours; the boots of parked cars could even serve as delivery points, as well.


We bring consumers and their neighbours together prior to shipment through a mobile app. A neighbour’s address can then be used as the delivery address during the checkout process in an online shop. As soon as the parcel is delivered directly to the neighbour, the consumer receives a notification from the app. Both parties can then arrange a pickup time for the parcel.
The basic problem is that online consumers are frequently not at home when their parcels are delivered. At that point, a successful delivery depends on the parcel service employee and whether or not he or she is able to find another recipient. If not, the consumer has to pick the parcel up at the post office or wait for another delivery attempt, which is typically at the same time the next day. These additional attempts are inefficient and expensive for the parcel services.

A.T. Kearney surveyed 1,000 regular online shoppers in Germany regarding their preferences in the delivery of parcels. 80% of the respondents wanted a choice of different delivery options during the ordering process. By delivering parcels to alternative addresses, parcel services could save up to EUR 280 million on the “last mile” each year in Germany while achieving significant competitive advantages. These results were supported further by our own supplementary survey. Meanwhile, Volvo and Audi are currently piloting deliveries to car boots.

From space to industry

Our (web and mobile) platform uses our own plugin for geocoding. We also utilise smartphone-based localisation. Geocoding: Automated geocoding is performed using Google Maps. When a user registers with his or her address in our system, it is first converted into coordinates through the aforementioned plugin. These coordinates are then stored in the database.
Localisation via smartphone: The user’s smartphone accesses its current position in coordinates through its build-in antenna. These coordinates are then stored centrally in our database, where they enable the system to find neighbours nearby (a location-based service) and have the user’s parcel sent to one of them.


Scheduled for incubation from 08/2015 until 01/2017
ESA BIC Bavaria – Oberpfaffenhofen

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